Celina de Sola, 2016 Tällberg Global Leader

Celina de Sola, 2016 Tällberg Global Leader

Celina de Sola is the Co-Founder of Glasswing, a community-based education and public health initiative based in El Salvador that works throughout Central America. By employing an open, engaging, and optimistic lens towards development, Glasswing catalyzes unlikely, but successful collaborations among government, business, and community groups.

Celina’s vision for Glasswing is to shift paradigms and unify people in a way that focuses on sustainable outcomes, and building systems through unique and effective programming. Celina’s idea is to open up lines of communication between sectors in order to promote civil society and increase engagement through volunteerism and civic participation.

Glasswing’s programs reach all community members, which deepens the organization’s impact. In just 8 years, Glasswing has directed $25,000,000 to health and education. Some of these funds contributed to the creation of the first-ever hospital-based violence prevention program in El Salvador. Additionally, almost 5,000 students are being trained in disaster preparedness and first-aid programs in 50 public schools. These programs have reported a 92% increase in child-to-family and child-to-peer relationships. Nearly 1 million Salvadorans have been positively impacted by the programs created, facilitated and implemented by Glasswing.

Celina is part of the 2016 class of Tällberg Global Leaders, along with four other outstanding candidates. The Tällberg Foundation, with offices in Stockholm and New York, aims to provoke people to think differently about the global issues that are shaping their present and their future.

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