“We Are All Affected” Stop Motion Animation Challenge!

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 12.44.15 PM

Our Smart Girls Campers from Creative Action/Smart Girls Summer Camp 2014 created this environmental awareness stop motion animation video! We loved what they came up with so much we’d like to see our followers create their own videos.

What activism subject are you most passionate about? Pet Adoption? Environmentalism? Women’s Rights? Mental illness? Advocating for the elderly?

Create your own “We Are All Affected” video! Here’s how:

1. Decide what subject you’re most compassionate about.

2. Download one of these smart phone stop motion animation apps!

3. Wait a sec! Unsure of what stop motion animation is? Check out this video!

4. Okay, now that you’ve got it: Create a script. Be sure to include what’s seen on screen and what’s heard off screen. For example:

       CLOSE UP of DOG. Dog jumps into lake. We HEAR LAKE WATER SPLASH/DOG BARK.

       CLOSE UP of WOMAN watching the dog through a window in her home.

If there is a voiceover (like in our video above), you’ll also want to include that text in your script!

5. Tape your video! Don’t worry if scenes take multiple times to film. Practicing is all a part of the process.

6. Download your video and upload it to imovie (or another editing software). If you haven’t already, create a title for your piece, add music, and/or voiceover.

7. Finished? Upload your “We Are All Affected” video to YouTube & tweet @smrtgrls with your finished project!

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