Smart Girls Explorer Map Quest CONTEST!


It’s high time for a Smart Girls quest! This summer we’re challenging you to explore your local surroundings. How?

1. Download the Smart Girls Explorer Map Quest

2. Create your own local map! Be sure to capture what your area looks like by drawing out streams, your favorite tree, and even historical buildings you love.

3. Use your map to discover hidden treasures right where you live!

We’ve created a list of 25 things we’d like you to FIND, EXPLORE, and CAPTURE on Instagram. Be sure to tag @amypoehlersmartgirls in your posts!

  • Find all four of the “Common Edible Plants” in the Explorer Map Quest! (4)
  • GET YOUR HAIR WET! Find a local (safe/legal) watering hole in your area and JUMP IN!  (1)
  • Take a picture of your favorite tree & share 3 interesting facets of it! (3)
  • Get physical! Create a running course on your map & run the length of the trail (1)
  • Treat time! Do you have a local ice cream vendor in your town? (1)
  • Show us an area with Graffiti artwork (1)
  • Explore any urban spaces nearby. Find a 2 natural elements/aesthetics! (2)
  • What are you reading this summer? (1)
  • Can you find 3 kinds of local flora? (3)
  • Show us your local marketplace/farmer’s market! (3)
  • One piece of local history (1)
  • Give us a glimpse of your favorite local eatery (1)
  • Do you have a “song of the summer”? Take a video of yourself singing! (1)
  • Pick up some trash! Find some litter in your area and recycle it! (1)
  • Tell us what your favorite part of summer is (1)

To qualify to win a special Smart Girls prize, participants need to:

Submit 20 of the 25 “Explorer Map Quest” photos to Instagram by Sunday, August 31st!

Be sure to tag @amypoehlersmartgirls on Instagram and use the hashtag #smartgirlsexplore in order to be considered!

If you have any questions please feel free to tweet @smrtgrls


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