And Our Galentine’s Day Winners Are…

We received over TWO HUNDRED entries for our Galentine’s Day Giveaway and it warmed our hearts to read about the incredible friendships between all you poetic, noble land mermaids out there! Congratulations to our science-loving Galentines Nicolette and Teal! Nicolette nominated Teal, writing: My Galentine (Teal) and I are PhD students studying cellular and molecular biology. […]

D is for Delight: Fun Times!

My improv troupe SNAFU had one shot to make it to the finals of the College Improv Tournament in Houston. We performed, heard the final results, and left the theater with our heads down low. Before our three-hour drive back home, we got dinner and sat around the table sulking. The thing with improv is […]

Chinese New Year

Today marks the start of Chinese New Year, the most important and celebrated Chinese holiday across the world. Chinese New Year falls on the second New Moon after the winter solstice. According to legend, the celebration originates from villagers who used red decorations and the loud sound of drums and firecrackers to defeat a ferocious […]



The live red carpet pre-shows can be a fun, anything-can-happen parade of glamour, but many have begun to realize that they actually facilitate a huge double standard in how men and women are treated in the media.  On the red carpet, every female celebrity is subjected to the kind of questions that make it clear […]


Delight by Meredith Walker

Language changes. Words can come and go. We make up new ones and we forget some of the older ones.  Then there are some older words that we might want to reclaim and use more often. Delight is that kind of word.  It isn’t just about the things that make us happy, although happiness is part […]